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I'm Henrique Viblin from Estúdio Jatö.


The name of the studio (it reads Jatô) comes from Jatobá, which is the name of my parents' lumberyard, where I grew up and where I had contact with wood and the creations of a father who was also a carpenter.

In my work, I pursue harmony by making interventions in basic forms.

  Lyricism, beauty and props must emerge from "distortions" on basic forms. The idea is always to establish sober concepts through interventions on the elemental.

This concept is mirrored in my admiration for Hai Kai poetry (Japanese short sentence poems) whose form I seek to transplant into design. 

The hai kai is basically composed of three short sentences around a single idea central, one of which gives meaning and explanation to the poem as a whole, as well as the work I seek to propose.

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